How to Fill Out a Money Order

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Making out a money order is a very simple task - once you are confident in doing it. Here's some steps that helps you about this. Just read on carefully.


  1. Know the exact amount you need a money order for.
  2. Then, Prepare to pay anywhere from $.69 to $4.00 extra depending on where you buy the money order. A convenience store is the cheapest and a bank or post office is the most expensive.
  3. Keep the stub - each money order comes with an end that is detachable. It will have the exact amount of money imprinted on it as will the front of the money order.
  4. Make the money order out to the party that it goes to. This is very important to do because if it is not filled out, anyone one can put their name on it and cash it.
  5. Put your name on the line that says "sender." If you are paying a bill, make sure you write your account number on it as well, since there may be two people with your name paying the same company. Also put in your address to further help to get the payment credited to your account.


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