How to Find Out Who Has Blocked You on Facebook

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Checking your Facebook account, you take note of your friend count. Aghast, you realize that someone has disappeared from your list of friends! Who is this now former "friend" who has defriended you?! Or, it could just be a simple case where you want to be a friend with someone but you can't seem to find them on Facebook even though you know they're there! Is there a way of finding out if you've been blocked? Well, it's a challenge but there are some ways if you've got the will and patience.


  1. Understand the difference between being removed or deleted as a friend, and being blocked.
    • If you are deleted from your friend's list of friends, you will still be able to contact that person using Facebook.
    • If you have been blocked by your friend, you are barred from finding them at all on Facebook. Naturally, you can find them other ways but not via Facebook
    • Remember through this to be patient. If your alleged blocker has been temporarily blocked for "misusing" the site, this could be a reason you're not able to see them.
  2. Note Facebook's take on this. Facebook explains that if you block a person, they cannot interact with you on Facebook in any way and your relationship or friendship with them is broken once blocked. This means, naturally, that if someone blocks you, the exact same outcome results: lack of interaction between the two of you from the blocking point on.
    • Facebook warns that it may still be possible to interact with the person via third party applications, in which case, you may be able to "see" them on Facebook still depending on what applications the two of you share. This means that you could be blocked without necessarily realizing.
  3. Do a head count. If you've kept meticulous records of your friends and don't have thousands of friends on Facebook, you might be able to do a count back to see who is missing. Of course, you'll have had to have kept very good records for this step to be of any use to you (and many people are not this "devoted"...).
    • Get out your list. Run through it and check off everyone present. The person not present has possibly removed or blocked you. To check which, try to see if their account can be found by you. If you're not able to find or contact them, then probably you have been blocked.
    • Consider asking your friend what has happened if you have another means for contacting them, and if it matters enough to you.
  4. Use a third party application. There are some applications online that claim to help in your pursuit of the blocker. Use a search engine to find them. And consider whether you really need to go to this trouble!

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