How to Get a Girl to Like You in Middle School

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If you are in middle school and is very hard to get a girl to like you. Don't worry! Here are some great steps and tips which helps you to attract a girl you are trying to get.


  1. You should consider wearing a bracelet that specifically lets her know you are single.
  2. Befriend her. Think of her as a "friend". It will be easier to talk to her.
  3. Don't act dumb or gross her out. Especially don't talk about anything perverted. Most girls don't like perverted jokes. Do be sure to know what she likes and if she doesn't mind pervertedness, then try not to do it all the time because then it will get annoying.
  4. Be funny. Girls like funny boys.
  5. Keep the attention on her face. Girls hate it when boys "go pervert" on them. Only start flirting after you know her a bit better. When you talk to her, you need to look like you are interested in what she is saying. Look into her eyes when she is talking. If you see her eyes wandering when she is talking, don't take it personally. She is probably just nervous; this is a sign that she likes you.
  6. Spend time with her. Ask her to help you with a problem. If you sit next to her, it will be easier to get her attention. Say, "Ugh, I don't get this!" and don't make eye contact. Perhaps compliment her, but only after she helps you. For example, if she helps with a math problem, say, "Wow, you're really smart!"
  7. Don't stare at her. This will most likely creep her out. Don’t make it too obvious that you like her. (It is okay though if she starts to flirt with you. Then she most likely likes you).
  8. Compliment her once or twice on her hair, clothes, etc. Again, don't make it obvious that you like her. Girls usually do like being complimented. If she has already flirted with you, then you should compliment her on her eyes, for example, "Wow, you have really pretty eyes."
  9. "Accidentally" touch her on the arm when you're both looking at a project or look at her with a smile. If she likes you, then when you make eye contact, she will smile and look away. Start getting a little flirty. Nevertheless, don't creep her out.
  10. Take initiative. Usually if girls like you, they are shy, so talk to her and develop a friendship. Just being around her will remind her that, yes; you're a boy worth liking.
  11. Practice good hygiene. No girl wants to hug and kiss a boy who smells bad and doesn't make an effort to be presentable. Shower and wear deodorant.
  12. Talk to her. Usually talk about her so it doesn't seem like you're self-centered, but do have your own opinions. Talking is very important.
  13. Tell her you love.
  14. If someone says that they already like someone else, don't be discouraged and give up. Chances are that they are lying because they are jealous. On rare occasions, it will be true, but only if it is coming from their best friend. If you hear that they are going out with someone, try asking the person that they are supposedly going out with directly. Don't make it too obvious!
  15. If you share classes with her, ask her for help on homework of a project. Girls love helping people so don't be afraid to ask her for help, and don't be afraid to help her.
  16. When you’re asking her out, it doesn't matter if you’re really nervous or scared, girls will love your confidence to talk to them, they will most likely say yes, but if they do remember to ask and give out your phone number. Make sure, if you said you were going to call her at like 4:00 or something, make sure you call them at that time! When girls are sitting by their phone waiting for you to call, if you take too long to call, they will forget about you even if they liked you.
  17. If you go to a party with them or go out with them, make sure when you meet their father, say you’re picking her up, remember to look like a gentleman. You don't have to wear a suit and tie, just look presentable, casual.


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