How to Urinate Standing up As a Female

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Women in Africa and parts of India urinate standing up all the time. Some websites teach the "finger-assist" method, but since that takes more practice with trial and error, the following is a way to urinate standing up without manipulating the genitalia:


  1. Put the seat up.
  2. Pull pants down around the ankles, or lift the skirt (don't pull down underwear).
  3. Facing the toilet, position yourself in a way that your legs slightly straddle the bowl. Make sure vaginal area is completely over the bowl. Bend knees slightly if necessary.
  4. Pull the crotch of your underwear to one side to where your vaginal area is totally exposed.
  5. With one or both hands, use two fingers on your outer labia to loosen up your vulva, then let go (in doing this, you untangle your inner labia so to direct the stream straight down, and not backwards or to the side.
  6. Relax. and urinate full-force.
  7. No need to wipe. just shake your lips (using two fingers placed on outer lips, shake your vulva to rid it of spare drips. if you have protruding inner labia, you will want to flick any remaining urine drips off of them with your index finger).
  8. Release the crotch of your underwear back into place.
  9. Pull pants up.
  10. Put the seat down, flush, and wash your hands.


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