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      Window series

        englu window adopts isobaric principle to design the drainage system, the sliding is design in stepped slope with drainage hole,Smooth drainage, good water tightness; adopting high-grade auxiliary without noise when operating, which is also flexible for operating;The window frame is large, the field of view is wide, the daylighting rate is high, and the state of the window sash is good, and is not easy to damage.Good heat-insulating and anti-noise performance, you can enjoy quiet and comfortable living space even in downtown.It is suitable for high-grade residence, villa, etc. with internal vertical hinged, horizontal pivoting, external vertical hinged and push-pull modes.


      Door series

      Adopting sealant structure of group angle, it can improve the water discharge function, and effectively protect indoor from rainwater. The hollow glass is configured according to the standard (6mm + 12A + 6mm), which can effectively improve the overall thermal insulation performance. The thermal insulation profile adopts European technical standard with reasonably designed structure.The thermal insulation grade reaches 4-6 level, the sound insulation performance reaches 3-5 level, and the opening mode is parallel and pushing and pulling. Suitable for the sliding door of balcony of high-grade residence and villa.



      Sunroom adopts non-traditional buildings built WITH glass and metal frames to achieve the purpose of enjoying sunshine and approaching the nature. Sunroom is a kind of architecture advocated by people who pursue natural and fashionable life at home and abroad. Second-degree creation of high-end residential space such as villa, duplex building, terrace, etc. It extends the breadth of the noble life of the occupant, introduces nature into the residence, and enjoys the life with sunshine. Contact with the starry sky, dialogue with breeze and rain, the picturesque landscape in the modern city.