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Titanium Dioxide (Ceramics Grade)

1. Main properties and features

Chemical substances TiO2/ Anatase Type
Appearance white powder
Packing 25kg woven bag, 1000kg sack
Main features high purity, low impurity, fine and even granules, high refractive index and tinter reducing power
Range of application color ground tile, ceramic tablewear, sanitary ware and ceramic works.

2. Quality Index

NO. Item Unit Index
1 TiO2 content % ≥98
2 S content % ≤0.06
3 Iron oxide content % ≤0.1
4 Residue on sieve(0.045mm sieve pore) % ≤ 0.5
5 High temperature resistance 1200°C 1 hour % No turning grey
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