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Lithopone B301

Properties:  Yuejiang Brand -Lithopone B301 is white powder, non-toxic, odorless, insoluble in water, no reaction with H2S and lye, release H2S gas when reacting with strong acids.

Use:  Yuejiang Brand-Lithopone B301 is widely used in coatings, printing ink, rubber, plastic etc..




Item Index
Total zinc and barium sulphate ≥99.0
zinc sulfide content, % ≥28.0
zinc oxide content, % ≤0.6
Color, compared with standard samples better
Tinter reducing power, compared with standard samples ≥100
105°C volatile matter, % ≤0.3
Water solubles, % ≤0.4
Water suspension pH-value 6.0-8.0
Oil absorption, g/ 100g ≤14
Residue on sieve 45μm, % ≥ 5 % of standard sample
Hiding power  


Packing:  25Kg /bag or 50Kg /bag, in paper-plastic bag, or upon client's request.

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