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Gas-phase method silica hydrated white carbon black(YJ958, YJ968, YJ2#, YJ4#)

Yuejiang Brand -gas phase silica hydrated white carbon black has small particle size, large specific surface area, strong reinforcing property. Range of application:   silicon rubber, tablets, cosmetics.  

Yuejiang Brand -gas phase silica hydrated white carbon black suitable for: silicon rubber: improve anti-aging property and resilience
Plastic industry: can improve the flexibility, strength and water resistance of plastics.
Coatings: enhance anti-caking property; has thickening and extinction property.
Pharmacy: Has thickening, suspending function; as carrier; as anti-caking agent.




Technical Index  Measuring Units Models & Test Results 
    YJ-958 YJ-968 YJ2#   YJ4#
BET specific surface area m2/g 130-180 170-230 270-330  350-410
Specific Surface area          
Suspension PH value   3.6-4.5 3.6-4.5  3.6-4.5   3.6-4.3
Ignition loss 1000oC ≤2.5    ≤2.5  ≤2.5  ≤2.0
Loss on drying 105oC 2h % ≤1.5           ≤1.5 ≤1.5   ≤2.5
Apparent density g/L  25-60       25-60  25-60   30-60
Average particle size   10-40vm  10-40vm 10-40vm  7-40vm
Residue on sieve 45μm   % ≤0.05    ≤0.05  ≤0.05  ≤0.05
SiO2 Content  % ≥99.8         ≥99.8   ≥99.8  ≥99.8
Al22O3 Content   % ≤0.05     ≤0.05   ≤0.05    -
TiO2 Content % ≤0.03         ≤0.03   ≤0.03     -
Fe2O3 Content  % ≤0.003       ≤0.003    ≤0.003  -


Packing:  5kgs/bag, in polypropylene woven bag lined with PE bag, or upon client's request.

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